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Workforce Education offers programs that assist people who need to enhance their basic skills and/or need career training to enter or reenter the work force. Through various degree and certificate programs, Workforce Education helps students obtain the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to achieve their professional and personal goals.

For those who qualify, students in a Workforce Education program may receive financial assistance with tuition, fees, books and required supplies, student ID, a parking permit or bus pass, plus help with academic planning, testing, job search and placement services or finding a support network — whatever it takes to help you become self-sufficient earning a living wage.

Program Options

Worker Retraining  - for individuals currently receiving unemployment benefits or who have run out of benefits, formerly self-employed workers, homemakers with drastic income reduction or those needing upgraded skills

WorkFirst - for students who are receiving TANF and low-income working parents

Basic Food Employment and Training (BF E&T) - for Basic Food recipients who are not receiving TANF who are unemployed or surviving on a low-income, part-time job

Opportunity Scholarship Grant - for low-income adults choosing high-wage, high-demand careers

Meet with Us

If you think you may qualify for one of these programs, contact the Workforce Education Office for an appointment. A staff member will sit down with you and discuss your education and work goals, your interests, previous experience and life situtation. The more details you can provide, the better able the staff will be to match you with programs that meet your needs.

Often a student will be eligible for more than one support program or will start training under one program and finish with help from another if funds or credits run out.  Each programs has specific rules and guidelines but requirements need not get in your way. 



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