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Physics Provides Foundation for Many Careers

Strong Faculty & Flexible Scheduling

Physics classes at North fulfill several distinct needs for students.

Our algebra-level series — General Physics I, II and III — is both a prerequisite for higher level courses and the required series for many career choices both at North and at 4-year schools, including architecture, premed, biology, construction management, electronics, EET, physical therapy and nanotechnology.

The more math-rich, calculus based-series — Engineering Physics I, II and III — is designed especially for engineering and physics majors, giving you excellent preparation for transfer to a 4-year program, with or without a degree.

We also offers Physics for Non-science Majors, which satisfies AA degree requirements.

Strong Faculty & Flexible Scheduling

North’s physics faculty members have strong credentials — PhDs or master’s degrees — and are focused on creating learning opportunities in the classroom rather than on research. Faculty represent a range of teaching styles, from those who prefer a traditional math approach to those who prefer a multi-representational/more hands-on approach.

Students, including those coming from 4-year schools, appreciate our small classes and scheduling flexibility, with hybrid classes in some sections as well as traditional on-campus courses and both day/evening classes. Tutors are always available at the Math Tutoring Center.

Facilities are excellent, including the college computer lab, well-equipped physics lab, and a uniquely designed lab/lecture classroom where lectures occur in the same room with the equipment.

Eyres’ Teaching Method Exercises Multiple Areas of the Brain

Davene Eyres
Physics Faculty

Davene Eyres, who was drawn to physics education research with a highly regarded research group at the UW, teaches in a multi-representational style, using activities and drawings — a method that exercises multiple areas of the brain simultaneously.

Physics Department

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