Create or Maintenance for SCCD Accounts

To Create or Maintenance for SCCD Accounts (Aka - Old Exchange E-mail)  

This is typically managed and processed by the either the Director or Classified Staff (Program Coordinator), or Senior Office Assistant Staff in each division/department.


A NetID is not triggered or connected in any way to these SCCD (Exchange Credential) accounts.

Traditionally the Local campus NetID is a manual process at:  (performed by the same above mentioned personnel staff.


1)      After logging in to the NetID Maintenance Portal with Staff NetID, the requestor user would SELECT “New NetID”.  


2)      After the request has been submitted an E-mail confirmation is sent to the “requestor” user who requested the NetID and the request must be acknowledge by reply E-mail so the Sys Admin follow through to the NetID setup. 


3)      When the New NetID has been created, the Sys Admin sends the credential information to the “requestor” and also to the e-mail that was supplied, if one is entered, for the new user.


No Hershey Access or E-forms is necessary for these requests just the below information is required on the New NetID form, but the former may come in handy for information on SID lookup/confirmation etc.


Form Location:



Classes | Map | People | Directory | Calendar


Need a NetID?

Students: Set one up now!

Employees: See your supervisor.