Spring 2017 Class Schedule


Alternative Learning Techniques

  • Continuing Education Classes

    Non-credit personal-enrichment classes including basic computer skills, fitness & health, finance, and other topics. Registration and additional detailed information is available from the Continuing Education website.

    These classes are not listed in this schedule.
  • Distance / eLearning classes

    Credit courses taught primarily or completely online. Some may also include an on-campus component, weekly television broadcasts, ITV, videocassettes, CDs, DVDs, and other video media. System requirements, courseware login instructions, and additional detailed information is available from the Distance Learning website.

    If you are a non-resident student enrolled in elearning classes, you may be eligible for discounted tuition. See the non-resident elearning tuition rate policy.

    These classes are tagged as DL or DL/OC in this schedule.
  • Integrated Studies

    Individual courses combined (Coordinated Studies) or linked (Linked Classes) into one integrated learning experience organized around a central theme or question rather than a particular academic discipline. Additional information about the program is available from the Integrated Studies website.

    These classes are tagged as CS or LC in this schedule.

WINTER 2017 Dates

Other important dates & deadlines are available from the College Calendar

2016-17 Academic Calendar

  • Desc Description
  • N Night Class
  • Dates Non-Standard Meeting Dates
  • X Class Cancelled
  • PERM Permission Required
  • RD Registration Forbidden
  • WWW Class Web Site
  • CE Community Education
  • CCN Common Course Number
  • eL ELearning/Distance
  • eL/OC Elearning/On Campus
  • SP Self Paced
  • IS Integrated Studies
  • CS Coordinated Studies
  • LC Linked Class
  • STAFF Instructor not yet assigned
  • CBM Computer-Based Math
  • HC Health Contextualize
  • IB I-Best
  • SS Shared sections
  • COM Communication
  • GS Global Studies
  • HR Human Relations
  • ICS Ind., Cultures & Soc
  • IND Individual Music Les
  • NW Natural World
  • NW-AB Natural World -AB
  • NW-L Natural World-Lab S
  • QSR Q/SR
  • US U.S. Culture
  • W Writing
  • $… Additional fee required

Class-specific info is available by expanding the attributes list for that class.


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