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Integrated Studies

Individual courses combined (Coordinated Studies) or linked (Linked Classes) into one integrated learning experience organized around a central theme or question rather than a particular academic discipline. Additional information about the program is available from the Integrated Studies website.

These classes associated with these courses are tagged as CS or LC in this schedule.

Coordinated Studies (Coordinated Courses)

Regardless of which specific courses they register for, all students learn together in the scheduled class periods. Students fulfill the AA degree requirements met by the classes in which they register.
  • C1 . Movements, Media and Power: How Media and Psychology Shape Activism (10-12 credits)

    T/Th 10:00am - 2:20pm

    Faculty:  Brian Holt, Psychology, brian.holt@seattlecolleges.edu; Kennan Knudson, English/Humanities, kennan.knudson@seattlecolleges.edu

    Why has Donald Trump's message resonated so positively for some Americans and so negatively for others? Are protests effective? Who went to Standing Rock, and why? What happened to Occupy Wall Street? Why did Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt Bernie Sanders? In this age of social media, what kinds of action might actually impact the political system? This course seeks students interested in exploring how and why social movements form, who participates in them, and why they lead to change – or not.

    Prerequisites: Completion of English 101

    Fulfills some of the following AA degree requirements, depending on which

    courses you register for: English 102; U.S. Cultures; Communication; and Individuals, Cultures, and Societies

    Enrollment Requirements

    Register for any two of the following four classes:


    3480 PSYC 245.C1 Social Psychology Holt (5 cr) (ICS)
    3540 SOC 245.C1 Social Psychology Holt (5 cr) (ICS)
    1520 HUM 200.C1 Reading the Media Knudson (5 cr) (US Cultures, Communication)

    1210 ENGL&102.C1 Composition II Knudson (5 cr) (English 102)

    1326 ENGL 296.C1 Special Topics in English (2 cr)   

    3496 PSYC 298.C1 Individual Study in Psychology (2 cr)

  • C2 . Talking Transnationally: Women and Film in a Global Context (10 credits)

    MWF 10:30am-1:50pm

    Faculty:  Jane Harradine, Humanities, jane.harradine@seattlecolleges.edu; Karen Stuhldreher, Gender and Women Studies, karen.stuhldreher@seattlecolleges.edu

    They say that film is a universal language.  In this course, we will explore how film communicates both the universal and the particular of human experience.  We will ask what film and a wide range of other sources reveal about the different conditions, concerns, and active resistances of women across the globe.  We will also investigate the marketplace forces that shape women’s and filmmakers’ choices on a global scale.
    Prerequisites: placement into ENGL& 101

    Fulfills these AA degree requirements: IS; Global Studies; VLPA; Individuals, Cultures and Society

    Enrollment Requirements

    Register for two of these classes:

    3280/3560 WMN/ISP 205.C2 Women in a Global Context Stuhldreher (5 cr) (GS, ICS)
    1516 HUM140.C2 Transnational Cinema  Harradine (5cr) (GS, VLPA)
    1216 ENGL&102.C2 Composition II Harradine (5cr) (English 102)

  • CH3. Days of Our Lives (Hybrid) (10-12 credits)

    MW 5:30pm - 8:30pm and online

    Faculty:  Ann Culligan, Psychology, ann.culligan@seattlecolleges.edu; Dani Blackman, danielle.blackman@seattlecolleges.edu

    In Days of our Lives, we will read and write about human experiences across the lifespan as we simultaneously explore what scientific theory and research has to tell us about development.  This course will integrate literary analysis, creative writing, and research skills to develop a robust understanding of human developmental experiences.

    Prerequisites: All courses require the completion of ENGL 101. The PSYC&100 requirement for PSYC& 200 will be waived for this course.

    Fulfills these AA degree requirements: English 102; VLPA; US Cultures; Communication; Individuals, Cultures, and Societies:

    Enrollment Requirements

    Register for any two of these classes:

     1218 ENGL& 102.CH3:  Composition II  Blackman (5 cr)

    1220/1221/1222 ENGL151/152/153.CH3: Creative Writing  Blackman (5) (Communication, VLPA)

    3440 PSYC& 200.CH3: Lifespan Psychology  Culligan (5)  (ICS)


    1327 ENGL 296.CH3: Special Topics in English  Blackman (2 cr)
    3497 PSYC 298.CH3: Individual Study in Psychology  Culligan (2cr) 

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