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Immersive Language Training for Transfer, Business or Pleasure

Value of Language Study
Effective Learning Environment
Preparation for Varied Goals

While many colleges are scaling back their language offerings, North Seattle College offers courses in seven different languages– Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and American Sign Language.

Value of Language Study

Learning another language has numerous benefits, both practical and life-enhancing.  While “speaking the language” certainly helps world travelers, language skills can make you a more competitive job seeker, especially in trade-dependent Washington. As the Internet expands markets, people in all sorts of roles will need to know more than just English.

More basically, the study of world languages expands one’s perspective on human experience and is key to understanding art, literature, music and culture. Many of students pursue learning a language to get in touch with their own cultural heritage.

Effective Language Development

The World Languages Department provides a premier environment for effective language learning: small classes, an immersive approach to language skills, and effective practice resources. In Spanish and French you can complete two full years of language study.

Experienced instructors, who use their language skills across multiple disciplines, provide individualized attention and innovative, personalized assignments to help you enjoy the language you study and learn to express yourself in both working and social situations. Class formats include online and hybrid (part online and part in-classroom) as well as traditional classrooms, both daytime and evening.

From day one of your language class, you’ll be focused on the skills that make for fluent communication: reading, writing, speaking, listening or signing. Spoken language classes employ daily oral and written practice in the conversational and descriptive elements of the language. Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are all integrated into a learning model that emphasizes your ability to communicate.

Preparation for Varied Goals

With North’s instruction you can prepare for advanced coursework in a 4-year college or university or language school (like the Jackson Institute at the University of Washington) or for non-English speaking job situations. You can also be prepared to transition to immersive environments, international business work or fluency in communication with the deaf.

    Chinese Study Gives Students an Edge in Business & Much More

    Howard Xie
    Chinese Language Faculty

    Though international business is the driving force in the growth of Chinese language study nationwide, students get much more from North's rigorous Chinese training: an amazing perspective on China's culture that can't be acquired otherwise.


    When I returned to college, I completed an entire year with Señora Zahajko, and I am grateful for the foundation her classes provided.

    I continued on to the University of Washington, where I completed the 200-level classes. I had no problem entering UW's program thanks to the solid foundation I received at North. When Señora Zahajko says read out loud, every day for 10 minutes, do it!

    I am now a law student at Seattle University and volunteer with Latino outreach programs in Seattle.

    —Jimmy Carter
    Law Student, Seattle University

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