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Psychology at North offers a wide variety of courses, engaging you in psychological inquiry using a cross-section of methods: objective, scientific and case-study-based (focused on personal experience). As a transfer student, the department prepares you to be “major-ready” for work in a four-year undergraduate program, with prerequisites and many of the major requirements already satisfied.

For career training programs (nursing, business, early childhood education) and A.A. degree candidates, there are psychology courses to specifically fulfill your program requirements. And individual classes are available for those already in a four-year school and for personal enrichment.

Course offerings include General Psychology, Lifespan Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences, Abnormal Psychology, Survey of Physiological Psychology, Human Sexuality, Social Psychology, and Psychology of Gender.

Department Highlights — Research, Online Classes, Integrated Studies

Psychology faculty have strong academic credentials, broad interests in psychology fields, and a focus in creating a learning community where you know your classmates and instructors and are comfortable asking questions.

At North you don’t just talk about research, you do research, in a popular hands-on methods transfer course designed for A.A. degree candidates and four-year school psych majors. This small class (just 25 students, with lots of instructor access) includes the elements of developing a research proposal: craft the question, create an experimental design, determine precise method of sampling and testing participants, decide how data would be analyzed, and present at a Research Symposium at the end of the quarter. The skills acquired through this process are invaluable in future careers both inside and outside the university.

Choose from online classes for General Psychology and Lifespan or the hybrid Introductory Psychology. Online portions present material, while face-to-face class time is used to consider case studies and apply principles. Some sociology and psychology courses are cross-listed, giving you greater flexibility in meeting requirements.

Integrated studies programs include numerous intriguing courses, like “Days of Our Lives” (incorporating Lifespan Psychology, Composition 2 and Creative Writing), “Sex Sells” (incorporating Psychology of Gender, Composition 2 and Reading the Media), and “Stranger than Fiction” (incorporating Social Psychology, Composition 2, and Reading and Writing Autobiography).

    Psychology Faculty Member Educates for Compassion

    Melissa Grinley
    Psychology Faculty

    Melissa Grinley says she tries to teach students not so much about memorized terms but about the fallibility of human nature —becoming aware of our tendencies so that we can break out of them and change the way we behave. She calls this “education for compassion.”


    While I was studying at North Seattle College, I discovered a passion for psychology in an introductory course. Over the next year, I excitedly went on to take four more psychology classes, including Psychology of Gender, Physiological Psychology, Research Methods and Abnormal Psychology. Since receiving my AA degree, I have transferred to Seattle University to pursue a BA in psychology. My psychology professors at North prepared me well for undergraduate work at a university, in many ways putting me ahead of the game.

    —Cayce Cheairs
    Psychology Graduate

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