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Sequence of Classes|After Pre-College Math

Pre-college Math is a series of classes for students who need to strengthen their math foundation before moving into their field of study, such as college-level math or science or a career training program such as nursing. The particular class or classes you may be required to take depend on your educational path (college transfer vs. career training program). It is best to talk with your advisor or faculty coordinator.

Sequence of Classes

Placement into the appropriate math class is based on the results of your math placement test. Placement testing is a required step after applying to the college. 

After Pre-College Math

After the satisfactory completion of Intermediate Algebra, you may enroll in college-level math and science courses. College-level math courses are numbered 100 and above. See College-level Math for more information. For some career training programs, you may not have to complete Intermediate Algebra. It is best to check with your advisor or faculty coordinator.

MATH081 - Basic Math Skills 5
MATH084 - Algebra I 5
MATH085 - Algebra II 5
MATH097 - Elementary Algebra 5
MATH098 - Intermediate Algebra 5

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Pre-College Mathematics Program

Paul Kurose
(206) 934-4508

Math & Science Division

IB 2429
Division Contacts
(206) 934-3746
(206) 934-3748 (fax)
Mailing Address
NSC Math & Science Division
9600 College Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
Alissa Agnello

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