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High School Completion is a program that provides adults 19 years or older an opportunity to earn a high school diploma in a college setting, substituting college classes for remaining high school requirements.

What You'll Study

What you study at North depends on what you need to complete your graduation requirements. Bring official, unopened transcript(s) to the ABE Advisor for assistance in planning which courses to take. Credit can be granted for equivalent courses completed at other high schools and colleges.

Class Scheduling

High school completion classes (English, math, history, science) are scheduled in the evenings to accommodate adult students with daytime jobs. Students who test into college level may take regular day or evening college courses for high school graduation credit.

Maximum 10 Credits/Quarter

The college recommends no more than 10 credits (2 classes) per quarter. How long you study will depend on how many credits you need to complete. Some students stay for 1 or 2 quarters. Others continue over many quarters.

Program for 19 & Older

This program is intended for adults age 19 and above. If you are age 15-18 and currently enrolled in a high school, talk to your high school counselor to explore alternatives offered by your school district.


Washington residents can find tuition costs on the Tuition page. Those younger than 19 pay Standard Academic tuition, while those 19 and older pay the special High School Completion tuition.

International and out-of-state students can find tuition costs on the Tuition page under the High School Completion column.

Getting Started

Contact the last high school you attended (and any colleges you may have attended) to obtain official, unopened copies of your transcripts. (Don't open them!) Once you have received copies of all of your transcripts, contact the ABE/GED/ESL Advisor

High School Completion Program

Program Coordinator
Shan Lackey
(206) 934-7303

Basic & Transitional Studies Division

IB 2407c
Division Contacts
(206) 934-4720
Mailing Address
NSC Basic & Transitional Studies Division
9600 College Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
Curtis Bonney

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