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Printer-friendly Program Planning Guides for Engineering Graphics and Design Programs:

Architecture/Engineering Drafting AAS

Architecture Engineering Drafting Certificate

Advanced Design for Manufacturing Certificate

Building Information Modeling Certificate

CAD for Construction and Design Certificate

CAD Training |  BIM Program | 3D Coursework

In the last few decades, technical drafting has undergone sweeping transformations, evolving from hand drawing to Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Innovative Building Information Modeling (BIM) has created a significant shift to sustainability in whole-building design and construction. And skills in 3D printing are increasingly in demand in a wide range of industries.

At North you can now choose from:

  • a certificate or AAS degree in Architecture Engineering and Drafting for current industry-standard training in CAD.
  • the Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Design and Construction Certificate for cutting-edge training.
  • or the new Advanced Design for Manufacturing Certificate to learn how to use current 3D sofware.

CAD Training

The 2-year professional AAS degree in Architecture Engineering and Drafting or 1-year AAS-track certificate in Architecture Engineering and Drafting includes coursework on conventional and computer drafting, basic engineering mechanics, shop drawing preparation, cost estimating, and construction materials and processes. The well-rounded curriculum includes general education requirements.

The 2-year program prepares students for the growing number of entry-level jobs in engineering, construction and architectural firms using CAD-systems graphics training.

 BIM Program

North’s 2-year professional AAS degree in Architecture Engineering and Drafting Technology retains the basic core classes from the original CAD curriculum, but adds a sequence of classes in BIM for design and construction at basic, intermediate and advanced levels, plus a focus on sustainable design and applications to architectural and civil engineering.    

North's BIM training provides a doorway into the most up-to-date technology in the field and the best job prospects. Designing buildings using information management is economical, and Building Information Modeling improves productivity, so architectural and construction firms are eager to make use of this new technology and seek workers who have mastered it.

This program is responsive to the dynamic nature of the field and trains you for both current and future employment possibilities. Updated computer labs provide training on the newest software.

3D Coursework

In North's 15-credit Advanced Design for Manufacturing Certificate you'll learn to use computer programs that relate to CAD (Computer Aided Design) including SolidWorks and CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application). In class you will construct rapid prototypes from basic 3D part creation as well as advanced surfacing models used in aerospace.

Read about 3D modelling processes in a North news story.

Stephen Simmons Advocates New BIM Design Tools

Stephen Simmons
Architecture Engineering Technology Faculty

Architect Stephen Simmons teaches new Building Information Modeling (BIM) design tools, which support green architecture and help designers conceptualize structures even before they are built.


BIM/Revit is a great software program — very versatile and user-friendly and 3-D, so while you are drawing in what appears to be 2-D, you are actually creating in 3-D. It is one of those programs that you want to know going into the architecture field. Though I have only begun to use BIM, I feel that it is a great stepping stone into the mainstream of architectural software.

—Jamee Kuehner
AAS in Architecture, Engineering Technology, spring 2011

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