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Think About the World Through the Lens of Economics at North

Satisfy requirements while you learn a unique way to think about current problems and outcomes through the lens of economics. Choices at North include Survey of Economics, Public Economics and Government, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Labor Economics.

All Courses Online

North’s economic courses meet the requirements for business, satisfy general social science requirements for an AA degree and earn credits for transfer to 4-year schools.

There’s a strong emphasis on technology, with all classes offered online, plus additional hybrids. You’ll find that online courses accommodate your schedule and work especially well with an economics curriculum.

Veteran instructors have advanced degrees and practical experience in the field.

Innovative integrated studies options include economics and history, and economics and anthropology. “From Africa to Wall Street” features economics instructor Thomas Cook at North and anthropology instructor Ben Abe on the road in Africa. In spring 2009 “From Africa to Wall Street” instructors received the Charles Kane Award for Innovation. (More in Related Info.)

“Coach” Cook Advocates Economics Study for Everyone

Thomas Cook
Economics Faculty

Instructor Thomas Cook, nicknamed “Coach,” advocates economics as a useful vocation, but also as a way to become well-educated and learn about logical choices and decisions — not just about money.


I took three economics courses from Thom Cook—all online. I appreciated the online format, where I could get the concepts just by reading them and spend time focusing on specific areas at my own pace. I am someone who likes to work late at night, and the online courses allowed that. I could interact with Professor Cook readily, and the assignments worked well. The final class (Macroeconomics )I took after receiving my AA degree. That course at North was transferable to the UW, where the university did not have the online option. I was able to take the course less expensively and more conveniently at North while still employed. Even when you have your degree or are already a student elsewhere, North’s online courses are a great option.

—Daryl Whitley
Economics Graduate

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