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At North, chemistry can fulfill multiple purposes. You can major in chemistry and get excellent preparation for transfer to a 4-year school, get a foundation understanding for use in other science disciplines (biology, medicine, environmental science), take chemistry as a prerequisite for professional training (nursing or engineering), or simply become more science literate while satisfying general education requirements.

Course Offerings

North offers courses in introductory, general and organic chemistry.

You stay with the same instructor for the year-long organic chemistry sequence, building an intimate learning community.  The lecture series covers the fundamentals of organic chemistry, including nomenclature, structure of compounds, stereochemistry, functional groups, synthesis, spectroscopy and biomolecules. In the organic chem labs, you learn how to purify organic molecules and to carry out the synthesis of various organic molecules.

Both the lecture series and labs are prerequisites for medical, dental and pharmacy schools.

Constant Innovation, Faculty Support & Great Facilities

The chemistry department constantly provides innovative learning opportunities for students, including interdisciplinary courses, online classes like the pre-nursing course with evening labs, hybrids and creative scheduling experiments — providing not just the 50-minute lecture style but also intensive class blocks with more time for group work, guaranteeing student engagement and participation in class.

Great lab facilities provide top-notch instrumentation and more lab access than many bachelor candidates get in their first 2 years. Knowledgeable and supportive chemistry faculty know how to connect with students and are dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals.

Integrated Studies Opportunities

There are also innovative integrated studies classes like “Atoms to Ecosystems” – the only year-long integrated studies program for science majors, allowing students to complete both their chemistry and biology series in an integrated, hands-on, research-based learning community. “Atoms to Ecosystems” students distinguished themselves nationally in 2007, as the first community college students selected by the prestigious Council for Undergraduate Research in Washington, DC, to present their undergraduate research project to Congress as part of “Posters on the Hill.” 

Chem Prof Encourages You to Bring Your Whole Self To Class

Kalyn Owens
Chemistry Faculty

Professor Kalyn Owens, with a postdoc in educational research, encourages students to invest in the process of learning chemistry, bringing their whole selves to class— heart and soul as well as body and brain — and taking risks.


The most life-changing course I have ever taken — including all of the work I did to earn my bachelor’s degree at a 4-year institution — was “Atoms to Ecosystems,” taught by Kayln Owens and Ann Murkowski. Why did it change my life? Simply put, it gave me a foundation in science. With the goal of pursuing graduate work in nutritional science, I was working on fairly daunting science and math prereqs. I proceeded tentatively — I didn’t fully believe, after a lifetime of earning my keep in marketing communications, that I would necessarily gain any sort of fluency in science. All of that changed [with this course]. Kayln and Ann showed me that science is not something people are born knowing how to do, but something that can be taught. They also supplied me with the skills I needed not only to excel in their class, but also in the rest of the courses I will need to reach my goal.

—Patti Burke
Biology and Chemistry Graduate

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