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Financial Aid Checklist

The Financial Aid Checklist provides new and returning students with key steps and deadlines of the financial aid application process at North Seattle College.

Consumer Information and Forms

Commonly requested financial aid documents and forms are available as fillable PDF files that can be downloaded via the links below so you can view or print them at your convenience.  Forms and supporting document can be submitted via fax, email, mail, uploaded to the Financial Aid portal, and in person at the financial aid office.   

Forms and documents are available in alternate format upon request in writing to the Director of Financial Aid.   Please email, call 206-934-3688, or stop by the office.

Conditions of Award | Satisfatory Academic Policy
Financial Aid Application Guide
Federal Direct Loan Request
Summer Quarter Financial Aid Request Form
IRS Retrieval Instructions | Federal Verification of Income
Certification of Non-Tax Filing Status
Special Conditions | Appeal 
Financial Aid Program Verification
Program Change Request | Release of Student Information

Conditions of Award

Students must read and understand the Conditions of Award each academic year.   This guide is designed to help you understand the financial aid process from initial awarding to delivery of financial aid. Please keep this guide to assist you in answering questions that may arise regarding correspondence from the Financial Aid and Veterans Services Office.  Printed copies are available from the Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Policy

Students receiving financial aid are required to make satisfactory academic progress in an eligible program of study and meet pace of progression requirements. The following information outlines North’s Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for financial aid recipients and applicants.

Financial Aid Application Guide

The Financial Aid Application Guide provides new and returning students with information on the financial aid application process at North Seattle College.The Guide provides information on our deadlines, types of aid available, and other useful tips. 

    North Federal Direct Loan Request Form

    Summer Quarter Financial Aid Request Form

    Summer quarter financial aid funds are limited. Generally summer awards include Pell and Direct Loan funds only. Students must complete the one-page request in addition to having completed their financial aid file by our summer deadline.

    Verification Forms

    Only students selected for verification are required to submit a verification form. Review your student financial aid portal to determine which form you are required to submit. If you have questions regarding your verification group or the form, please contact the Financial Aid Office before you submit the form.

          IRS Retrieval Instructions

          Certification of Non-Tax Filing Status

          Students selected for verification should complete the Certification of Non-Tax Filer Status Form for themselves, spouse, and/or parent(s), only if the individual did not file a 2015 IRS Tax Return. 

              Special Conditions Form/Income Readjustment Form
              This form is used to document a change in income that may affect your financial aid eligibility. Income adjustment requests for the 2016-17 academic year are accepted from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

              Appeal Forms

              Financial Aid Program Verification

              Complete this form to verify or declare your program of study with North Seattle College. Students who are new to North Seattle College or are applying for financial aid for the first time should complete this form before their first quarter of enrollment. 

              Program Verification Form

              Program Change Request Form
              Complete this  form if you are requesting to change your program of study.  The Financial Aid Office will notify you via email or mail indicating whether or not your funding request for a program change has been approved.

              Release of Student Information 
              This form is used to authorize someone else to have access to your student financial aid records.

              Financial Aid Contacts

              Phone: (206) 934-3688
              (206) 934-3608

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