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Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences (ESES)

Strong Faculty and Outstanding Facilities
Field Trip Opportunities

Study the Earth, Study Space, Study the Environment

From the Earth’s core to its surface, to its soils, its oceans, its atmosphere, and ultimately into space, this department’s range is literally the entire universe. The disciplines of geology, astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, and environmental science are included within this interdisciplinary department.

North offers a solid foundation for any endeavor that requires the earth, space or environmental sciences. Our courses satisfy science and lab science A.A. degree requirements, as well as A.S. Option 2 degree requirements. You can earn career training program credits – or take a class for personal enrichment.

Strong Faculty and Outstanding Facilities

North’s ESES faculty members have diverse interests and strong credentials. Instructors are accessible, classes are small, and classroom instruction is complimented by laboratory, field and other experiences. The department also offers online choices in geology, oceanography and environmental science.

We have outstanding lab facilities, including a range of microscopes, telescopes, field and analytical equipment. The department supports a variety of student research both on and off the campus. We have large collections of minerals, rocks, fossils and maps, along with access to extensive biological collections, all of which contribute to a rich learning experience. A close working relationship with the University of Washington allows us to tap the resources of their campus, and supports a straightforward transfer from North to UW for earth, space and environmental science majors.

Field Trip Opportunities

Many of our geology courses take advantage of this area’s spectacular geologic setting, with field trips to places like Mt. St. Helens, the North Cascades, the Olympic Mountains, and the Columbia Plateau. A five-day field trip is the capstone of the Pacific Northwest Geology course.

Earth, Space and Environmental Science Contacts

Department Head - Tracy Furutani

Earth Science – John Figge 

Space Science – Tracy Furutani

Environmental Science – Katie Barndt

Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences (ESES) Contacts

Department Head
Tracy Furutani


(206) 934-4509

Math & Science Division

IB 2328A


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