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The mission of Advising is to guide students to take ownership of their educational goals through collaboration and achievement-focused, student-centered support.


Create Your Educational Plan

Create Your Educational Plan!
Factors that Affect Educational Plan
What An Educational Plan Looks Like

An educational plan is a roadmap toward a college degree and an outline of the coursework required to complete an educational goal/program of study.

Create Your Educational Plan!

Please read the information about creating an educational plan on this page, and when you are ready to create your own educational plan, schedule an appointment with an advisor or visit MyNorth and click on "MyNorth" at the top of the page.

Factors that Affect Your Educational Plan

An educational plan takes into consideration associate degree requirements, course sequencing, major prerequisites, university admission requirements and your own personal timeline.

What an Educational Plan Looks Like for Each Degree

No matter what degree plan you are completing, your educational plan will include similar elements:

AA degree
English, Math and General Education requirements
Your chosen major prerequisites
4-year university requirements

AB degree
English, Math and General Education requirements
Business major prerequisites
4-year university requirements

AS degree
English, Math and General Education requirements
Science major prerequisites
4-year university requirements

Example Educational Plan for Business Major:

1st Quarter
MATH 098
BUS& 101
2nd Quarter
MATH 116
ACCT& 201
SOC& 101
3rd Quarter
ACCCT& 202
MATH& 148
CMST& 220
4th Quarter
5th Quarter
ACCT& 203
BUS 210
ENGL& 102
Draft Personal Statement

6th Quarter
ECON& 201
BUS& 201
ART 111
Apply to Universities
Apply for Financial Aid

7th Quarter
ECON& 202
NTR 150
MUSC 113
8th Quarter
BIOL& 160
Prepare to transfer next quarter

You can get a blank educational planning worksheet here.

Please visit Advising to ensure that your educational plan is accurate and complete.

Use the Projected Annual AA Degree Course Schedule as a planning tool!

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